About Us

CLASSICUS (Classic is Us) is an independent group of people united with the purpose to actively support and encourage living composers that create tonal, melodic and accessible classical music.

CLASSICUS offers opportunities to perform works - mostly new and generally unknown that are universally appealing.

CLASSICUS defends the tradition of Western classical music and challenges advant-gardeism and atonalism for its own sake.

We are the New Classics. Classic is Us. Please support what we do. Join us at our CLASSICUS Salons & CLASSICUS Talks!



CLASSICUS is an unicorporated association that was founded in 2015 by composers Polo Piatti, Robert Draper, Ian McCrae and Peter Byrom-Smith to promote opportunities and provide support and encouragement for modern day living composers of serious music that is written in traditional western classical idioms, utilising melody, traditional western harmony and form.

CLASSICUS values musical virtues long held dear by lovers of classical music the world over, such as the ability of a melody to affect the tear ducts of the listener by its sheer beauty, or the ability of the composer to manipulate harmony so as to take the listener on an emotional journey.


Above all, CLASSICUS believes that music must give pleasure to and have true value for the listener.


It may come as a surprise to some who read this to learn that such virtues have been under deliberate and sustained attack for nearly 100 years by the arrogance of those who believe that the use of melody and traditional harmony, though entirely satisfactory for musical giants such as J.S.  Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, is not good enough for them. This “avant-garde” thinking” has now become mainstream in academic institutions throughout Europe and the USA.


For the listener, avant-garde music is at best unmemorable and confusing, at worst incomprehensible and vacuous. In short, it is utterly bereft of the musical virtues that CLASSICUS espouses.


CLASSICUS aims to identify and exploit funding opportunities for performance of the works of its members and other composers and musicians who share our organisation's  values, to defend the tradition of western classical music against avant-gardeism, to return the experience of pleasure to the concert goer, to promote and stage artistic events - and more.


'To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts - such is the duty of the artist'

Robert Schumann