ClassicUs Talks include more than just music. Taking place all year at irregular intervals at the Opus Theatre in Hastings, the events are informal and relaxed, touching on the most varied themes that bear some sort of relationship to music creation, the arts and philosophical subjects. Every time we invite a professional artist, artistic director, organiser, etdc as our Special Guest to talk about their work, projects and in many cases their specific relationship to classical music. In addition there is often spontaneous good music, questions and answers from the audience and interesting conversation.

Special Talk
Classicus Marcia & Sam [4.5.].jpg
Distinguished Violinist Peter Fields after performing some beautiful works
Film composer Michel Duvoisin (right) presenting some of his most recent film scores
Composer Polo Piatti presenting his latest CD at a Special ClassicUs at the Royal Vic, in St Leonards-on-Sea
Previous Classicus Talks
Audience enjoying one of our regular ClassicUs Salons